Architecture as a passion... Beyond client's expectations!

Orlando Matta - President
Int'l Assoc. AIA

We are very proud and privileged to have Mr. Orlando Matta as part of our team. Mr. Matta and his family settled in the USA in 2000 after a very remarkable and distinctive career over a span of 30 years in Colombia where his name and seal appears on hundreds of very significant and highly proclaimed projects throughout the country. Some of these projects were featured in the PROA Journal of Colombian Architecture and the Colombian newspaper, El Tiempo and some of them won him first place and honorable mention awards.


Mr. Matta's most stunning achievement is the urban and architectural design of a complete city on 36,000 acres. The Colombian City of Armero with a population of 30,000 was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz on November 13, 1985. The government undertook the building of various little cities to help the coffee, cotton and vegetable farmers in the region and one of these was The City of Albania. Mr. Matta's company was awarded the "Albania" Citadel project, as it was called, and he personally took control of it and not only designed the entire city but also completed the construction documents for it. He traveled to Brasil to study the development of a union type city and designed schools, church, city hall, sports and recreation parks, a plaza and housing communities around the packaging and distribution facilities for the farmers. He paid particular attention to giving it both the vibrancy of rebirth and the serenity it needed after the shock of nature's fury. It is an amazing achievement to design and produce an entire city and one that very few can put claim to.

Living and working spaces should inspire us to thrive. Such spaces are born from understanding each client's needs and should be put together knowing and understanding current standards in style, architecture and construction.  With that in mind, putting together the correct TEAM of experienced professionals will make a tremendous difference in both the design and building process as well as the final outcome. At OM Architecture we put our expertise to your service to make your vision a reality in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing way possible.  In other words, when all of this is combined; we are left with functionality, space flow, great design; or in our founder's words, Architecture as a passion, beyond client's expectations!

OM Architecture is a limited liability corporation (LLC) formed in 2007 by Orlando Matta. Prior to that time, the firm operated as a sole proprietorship owned by Mr. Matta under the name of "Orlando Matta Architects y associates". OM Architecture and Interior Design is part of the Matta Group; a family company that offers branding, architecture, graphic, interior, web design and development as well as hosting services and domains in Orlando Florida.